A lone, master swordsman has appeared in New York. He has been enlightened in the ways of living freely. And then "it" came. Ramen, a battle where cheating is an ineffective strategy, and this suited his nature well.

Battles with customers are over in a flash, however practical knowledge was necessary to get into the battle rhythm. Win against the me of yesterday, today. Win poorly tomorrow. Think of winning skillfully later. Forge a thousand days of study. Practice my craft throughout the day.

The way of Ramen teaches one the importance of behaving correctly as a person, such as doing the right thing.

If one has an evil attitude, there is no way one can master the way. For a samurai, losing a serious battle means instant death. For this very reason, we must be as thoroughly prepared as possible to satisfy our customers. The samurai is constantly focusing and risking his life in battles with customers. Once one understands one's reason, one is no longer bound by that reason. The body has started to move naturally.

Niten Ichiryu is the name he gave to the ultimate dish made of noodles and soup stock.